Mike Jarman

Writer, Director & co-producer

Mike first found his love and interest for film by completing a 2 year course at Braintree College in 2007 and gained a BTEC National Diploma in Moving Image. Since leaving college he has pursued his Media career and seeking the special door into the film industry. At the age of 24 and full of passion, inspiration and creativity he is one individual with a lot to offer and will stop at nothing until he reaches the finishing line.

James McAllister


Since leaving school I have always wanted to become involved and been very interested in filming, but haven't had the opportunity until now. When I was in school I did drama and performing arts, from doing that I knew that I wanted to become heavily involved with acting. Unfortunately I missed out on taking it further in my younger years as I didn't attend college and take it on as a course. I hope to have a lot more open chances to work with or along side Mike Jarman in the filming industry. As I'm his producer I'm hoping to take this film up to its maximum potential, to get it recognized by many different company's and other film makers.

Kirk Humphris


Hey guys! My name is Kirk and I'm the Cinematographer for The Vicious Dead. I have been studying Film and Video for quite a few years, starting in college where I met Mike Jarman the Director. I am currently studying Film and Video at the University of East London, doing my last semester of my third year and at the moment creating my thesis film. For the future I hope to become mainly a writer for film but I'd also like the chance to direct as well. Vicious Dead here we come!

Michael Johnstone

cameraman, still photography and assistant editor

Michael C Johnstone - Independent Film Maker, and very experienced Videographer, Editor and Photographer. First got involved with the project after spotting ads for Mike Jarman's Zombie Project.

Lee Horsley

Boom Operator

Bio Coming Soon...

Other Crew

  • Casting Director
  • Casting Assistant
  • Location Recce Scout
  • Assistant Boom Operator
  • Clapper
  • Marketing & Advertising Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Composer
  • Mike Jarman
  • James McAllister
  • Adam Housden
  • Ali Tayler
  • Sally Clarke
  • Jason Stone
  • Yasel Brito
  • Moses Afriyie
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